Outlook 2007 Toolbars

Part of the Outlook 2007 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using an Outlook 2007 toolbar is a super timesaver. Many toolbar buttons disappear when they’re not needed, so it’s not unusual if your toolbars look different. Outlook has three toolbars (Standard, Advanced, and Web) to choose from, choose View→Toolbars.

Inbox tools

This is the mail toolbar you’ll see in Outlook 2007:


Calendar toolbar buttons

You’ll see this toolbar when you open the Calendar in Outlook 2007:


Contact toolbar buttons

When you open contacts in Outlook 2007, you’ll see this toolbar:


Tasks toolbar buttons

This is the task toolbar in Outlook 2007:


Notes toolbar buttons

When you open Outlook 2007 notes, you’ll see this toolbar:

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