Google indexes social media under its Real Time search category, in reverse chronological order, as well as under its full search results. Your business will claim a significant amount of SERP (search engine results page) real estate if your business web presence is search-engine friendly..

Fortunately, ensuring that your social media channels are properly constructed isn’t difficult. Follow these guidelines:

  • Core search term consistency: Use the same six to eight core search terms as tags or keywords on every profile or blog and on every main entry for all social media channels.

  • Page description meta tag: Adapt the meta tag from your home page to become the first sentence of your social profile on every channel.

  • Specific search terms: Select terms from your keyword list as tags on individual posts, as Twitter hashtags, within the item title, and as part of the description of photos and videos.

  • Optimized ALT tags: Whenever possible, include these elements for photos, graphics, and any other type of rich media you upload.

  • Term placement: Because the same search terms are likely to be used by the internal search function on the social media service, be sure that the term also appears within the content.

  • Posting frequency: To appear near the top of reverse chronological postings (most recent is at the top), make it a habit to post often.