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Online Storefront Software Requirement Definition

Your input from a marketing perspective of your requirements is essential to selecting the right storefront software. For instance, you may want promotion codes for special offers, statistics that tabulate sales by category and subcategory, or the ability to sequence the appearance of products on a catalog page.

After you make the strategic business decisions and decide on your budget, you can prioritize the needs that the storefront must meet. If you ask developers to provide a quote, be sure to include your storefront requirements. Because the ultimate selection might have technical consequences, let your selected developer determine the specific package to implement.

Assess prospective developers for their e-commerce experience and determine which solutions they're capable of implementing. Because of the complexity of some storefronts, developers often specialize in one product line. Your selections of software, host, and developer are interdependent.

Your choices for selling online start with the simplest — a listing on eBay — or an inexpensive template for starter stores with a small catalog.

They range in complexity all the way to enterprise-level solutions for stores with thousands of products that integrate with inventory control, accounting, and retail point-of-sale (POS) software. As usual, the more flexible and complicated the store, the higher the price tag and the greater the technical skills required.

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