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Not only do you have to wear a lot of hats as an online community manager, but sometimes you also feel that you’re wearing them all at the same time. On any given day, you can expect to have at least half a dozen computer windows open at the same time.

You may have the best intentions and set up times for everything. Perhaps you schedule social networking for one hour and responding to e-mail the next.

It never works that way. Things happen. You hear TweetDeck pinging, and you can’t wait to see who’s calling out to you on Twitter. Your e-mail is beeping as well. Your phone rings, and your boss is on Skype. Although your perfect scenario is to be able to focus on one task at a time, sometimes you have your hands in several pots at the same time.

Figure out when you’re the most focused. Some people work best first thing in the morning; others do their best work immediately after returning from lunch. Think about the time you work best and schedule the tasks that require your complete attention for that time.

Save e-mail, social networking, Skype chats, and other tasks for the times when you’re most unfocused. Sometimes you can’t help multitasking, but you can try to work multitasking times into your schedule so that you can put your all into the most important tasks.

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