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Office 2011 for Mac: Manually Upgrade an Entourage Identity to Outlook

If you had more than one Identity in Entourage 2008 or 2004 you can manually upgrade them to Outlook 2011. Take these steps to upgrade one of your old Identities. You can update one Identity at a time:

  1. Quit Outlook (pressing Command-Q quits any application).

  2. Run the Microsoft Database Utility.

  3. In the Database Utility, click the plus (+) sign, and a new name is added to the Identity Name list. Type a name for your new Identity.

  4. Set the newly added Identity as the default Identity.

  5. Click the red Close button to close the Microsoft Database Utility.

  6. Open Outlook.

    Outlook will open and run with an empty Identity.

  7. Choose File→Import from the menu bar.

    This starts a series of dialogs. The Begin Import dialog displays.

  8. Select Entourage Information from an Archive or Earlier Version and then click the right arrow at the lower-right corner of the dialog.

    The Choose an Application dialog displays.

  9. Select either Entourage 2004 or Entourage 2008 as appropriate and then click the right arrow.

    The Import Items dialog displays with all check boxes selected.

  10. Accept the default and click the right arrow.

    The Select an Identity dialog displays.

  11. Select the Identity you want to upgrade and then click the right arrow.

    The default is to display Entourage Identities. You can click the Browse button if your Identities aren’t stored in the default location.

  12. Outlook upgrades your Identity and then opens so that you can use it.

    If you’re prompted about allowing items to be updated in your Keychain, choose Always Allow.

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