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Natural Gas Companies as Investment Options

Investing in companies that process natural gas offers you exposure to this market through the expertise and experience of industry professionals, without the volatility of the futures market.

Some natural gas companies are involved in the production of natural gas fields, while others are responsible for delivering natural gas directly to consumers. The following are fully integrated natural gas companies, which means they are involved in all the production, development, transportation, and distribution phases of natural gas.

Investing in these companies may provide you a solid foothold in the natural gas industry:

  • Alliant Energy (NYSE: LNT): Provides consumers with natural gas and electricity derived from natural gas throughout the United States. A good choice if you want exposure to the North American natural gas market.

  • Allegheny Energy (NYSE: AYE): Provides natural gas–based electricity to consumers in the eastern United States, primarily in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. A good option if you want regional exposure to natural gas production.

  • Nicor Inc. (NYSE: GAS): Provides natural gas to more than 2 million consumers, primarily centered in the Illinois area. Another good regional investment.

For a complete listing of companies involved in natural gas production and distribution, look at the American Gas Association Web site.

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