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Multiple-Purchase Benefits for eBayers

If selling one item is a good thing, selling more than one to the same customer in your eBay auction is even better. Here are some advantages for you when an eBay auction customer makes multiple purchases:

  • You can send a single, combined invoice.
  • You have to prepare just one package for shipment.
  • You clear out more inventory with less effort.

There are several ways to encourage a customer to purchase more than one item. The first and most effective is to provide a discount on shipping for multiple purchases. Buyers love this option, and will often look at your other items for sale when they notice you offer a shipping discount, even if they were originally only interested in purchasing one item.

You can indicate any shipping discounts for multiple purchases when you list your item for sale on eBay. If you take advantage of this feature, eBay displays a special icon to call attention to your shipping discount.

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