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Move and Copy Entire Excel Sheets in Office 2011 for Mac

In Excel 2011 for Mac, you can move or copy one sheet at a time, or select multiple worksheets and move or copy them all at once. You can move or copy sheets within a workbook or from one workbook to another.

  1. Click a sheet tab to select the sheet you want to copy.

    Hold Command while clicking sheet tabs to select multiple worksheets.

  2. Choose Edit→Move or Copy Sheet.

    Alternatively, carefully right-click over the selected tabs (so that they don’t get deselected) and choose Move or Copy.

  3. In the To Book pop-up menu, choose the destination for the worksheet(s) you plan to move or copy.

    You can choose these destinations:

    • Within the Currently Active Workbook

    • To Any Other Open Workbook

    • To a Brand New Workbook

    The Before Sheet section lists all the sheets currently in the workbook. The sheets you move or copy are inserted in front of the sheet that you select.

  4. (Optional) To make a copy (instead of moving the entire sheet), select the Create a Copy check box.

    If you don’t select this check box, Excel uses the default move behavior instead. The Move option deletes the worksheets from the source workbook.

Consider the cell references and hyperlinks on the sheets you’re moving or copying. If you have references to other sheets, you may be creating links. When you’re done with the Move or Copy tool, choose Edit→Links in the destination workbook. The Edit Links dialog appears. You can break unwanted links in the Edit Links dialog.

Did you want to move worksheets within the same workbook, as in reordering the worksheet tabs? You can just click a worksheet tab to select it and then drag and reorder them within a workbook.

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