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Mountain Lion Server Port Numbers

Part of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you are configuring port forwarding for a firewall or a router, you may need to know what port numbers OS X Mountain Lion Server uses for its services. The following table lists common default port numbers.

Service Port number Protocol
Apple File Service (AFP) 548 TCP
Apple Remote Desktop (Remote Management) 3283, 5900 TCP, UDP
Calendar Server 8008 TCP
Calendar Server using SSL 8443 TCP
HTTP (web service) 80 or 8080 TCP
HTTPS (secure web service via SSL) 443 TCP
Mail: IMAP 143 TCP
Mail: IMAP using SSL 993 TCP
Mail: POP3 110 TCP, UDP
Mail: POP3 using SSL 995 TCP, UDP
Mail: SMTP legacy SSL submission 465 TCP
Mail: SMTP standard 25 TCP, UDP
Mail: SMTP submission 587 TCP
SMB/CIFS (Windows file service) 161 TCP
SSH (Secure Shell) remote connection 22 TCP, UDP
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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server For Dummies Cheat Sheet


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