Here are some coaching guidelines to help motivate your football players to give their best efforts, not get discouraged, and become the best they can be on the playing field:

  • Stay calm. Don’t distract your players by running up and down the sidelines, yelling instructions at them.

  • Encourage players to give it their all at all times — regardless of the score.

  • While correcting errors, use words that boost confidence and reinforce positive thoughts. For example, instead of saying, “Don’t fumble,” say, “Hold onto the ball.”

  • Convey instructions in a calm manner and tone.

  • Give kids the freedom to make mistakes, and coach effort over skills. Boost productivity by providing constant encouragement.

  • During timeouts, relay positive information to your team.

  • When substituting players, take players out of the game after they’ve done something well rather than after they’ve made a mistake.