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After you convert a bitmap image to a symbol in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, you can apply the same Flash transparency and color effects available to graphic symbols. To create these effects, you use the Color drop-down list on the Property inspector, so make sure that the Property inspector is visible (choose Window→Properties) before you get started.

Follow these steps to apply a color tint:

  1. Drag a symbol from the Library panel to the stage that uses an imported image.

  2. Locate the Color Effect section of the Property inspector on the right; from the Style drop-down list, select Tint.

    A percentage slider and color swatch appear.

  3. Click the swatch to choose a color from the Swatches panel and then use the percentage slider to adjust the amount of color that’s applied.


Note: Flash remembers color settings, such as Tint and Alpha percentages between uses. If you set an object to 50 percent alpha, the next time you select Alpha for a symbol, Flash automatically applies the same 50 percent setting again (which you can easily change with the slider).

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