Modify a Text Wrap in InDesign CS5

If you’ve applied a text wrap around an object in InDesign Creative Suite 5, you can then modify that text wrap. If you have an image with a transparent background around which you’ve wrapped text, InDesign created a path around the edge of the image; if you have a shape you created with the drawing tools, InDesign automatically uses those paths to wrap text around.

Before proceeding with the following steps, be sure that the object uses the Wrap around Object Shape text wrap. (If not, open the Text Wrap panel and click the Wrap around Object Shape button to apply text wrapping.) Remember to choose Detect Edges if you’re using an image with a transparent background.

To modify the path around an image with text wrapping, using the Direct Selection tool, follow these steps:

  1. Select the object by using the Direct Selection tool.

    The image is selected and you can see the path around the object.

  2. Drag one of the anchor points on the path by using the Direct Selection tool.

    The path is modified according to how you move the point. The text wrapping immediately changes, based on the modifications you make to the path around the object.

  3. Select the Delete Anchor Point tool from the Tools panel and delete an anchor point.

    The path changes again, and the text wrapping modifies around the object accordingly.

You can also use the Offset values in the Text Wrap panel to determine the distance between the wrapping text and the edge of the object. Just increase the values to move the text farther from the object’s edge.

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