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The basic principles of color management are used each time you send a file to your printer. Photoshop Elements 10 provides you with a variety of other choices for printing files without borders, as well as a number of choices for printing photos with decorative frames, picture packages, and contact sheets.

If you want to print a photo while in Full Photo Edit mode, choose File→Print and the Print dialog box opens. The Print dialog box in Full Photo Edit mode in Photoshop Elements 10 is identical to the Print dialog box you use when printing from the Organizer.

You have choices in the Organizer or Full Photo Edit mode for printing multiple images as either a contact sheet or picture package. From within Full Photo Edit mode, when you choose to print a contact sheet or picture package, Elements switches you to the Organizer view. You then proceed in the Organizer and leave Full Photo Edit mode.

Open the Select Type of Print drop-down menu and choose Contact Sheet or Picture Package from the menu options. Printing either option is straightforward and easy to follow in the Prints dialog box.

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