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Metrics Available on Google Places for Location-based Campaigns

When you take control of your location-based content by claiming your business on Google Places, you will get a Google Analytics–style dashboard that shows how much activity you’re getting on your page. Here’s a list of the helpful metrics that you can get:

  • Impressions: This is how many times someone saw your page. Impressions are indicative of how often people search for your business.

  • Actions: How many times a user showed some kind of interest in your page. This can be further broken down into:

    • Clicks for more information on the map: The searcher found your Google Places pages and clicked on Google information. In other words, they didn’t click through to your site.

    • Clicks for driving directions: A good measure of a person’s intent.

    • Clicks to your web-site: The searcher likes you enough to get more information.

  • Top search queries: The Google Places dashboard page also shows you the top search queries that led people to your Places page.

  • Driving directions: Shows you what zip codes the people who are requesting directions to your place are coming from, based on the Get Directions From field.

Note that Google Places doesn’t give you personally identifying information about the people who come to your page.

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