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This new SharePoint 2010 configuration option adds navigation options to the Site Hierarchy Tree View. Per-Location Views work hand-in-hand with Metadata Navigation to allow you to specify which views are visible at a selected location.

The Metadata Navigation Settings page has three sections:

  • Configure Navigation Hierarchy: The ability to select hierarchy fields that appear under the list in the Tree View. Options include content types, choice fields, and managed metadata fields. Folders is a default selection that can be removed.

  • Configure Key Filters: Select from available Key Filter columns to use as filter input controls on the list views.

  • Automatically Manage Indices for Metadata-Driven Navigation: Settings related to the indexing of the library/list.

These settings give your users another way to filter and navigate to list items. Here is a screenshot of a library that’s using metadata navigation.


Per-Location Views work with Metadata Navigation to allow you to specify which views are visible at a selected location. Location is a bit misleading in this context. It refers to the hierarchical location within the library’s metadata navigation.

Folders are also considered a location, so you can specify which views are available when a user navigates to a specific folder. Here is an example where the GroupedByCampaign view is selected for the Audio metadata filter in the library. When a user clicks Audio in the library’s metadata navigation, they will see the GroupedByCampaign view.

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