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Measuring Your Mobile Marketing Success

As with all analytics, determining which elements you measure depends on your goals and objectives. Your choices vary based on whether you’re measuring the success of a mobile advertising campaign, the sales of a new mobile app, the number of visitors to your site, or the level of foot traffic to a bricks-and-mortar store.

Apart from mobile apps sold as products, most of the measurements should be familiar to you. You can segment mobile visitors by using the available tools within Google Analytics, for example, to track their behavior on a mobile site or on your regular website (or both). You might want to set up a separate conversion funnel for mobile users.

Standard site parameters such as CTR, number of impressions, level of site traffic, number of page views, visit duration, and number of new versus repeat visitors still apply, of course. Watch for variations between mobile and web visitors on conversion rates, newsletter subscriptions, and brand recall. Naturally, you should watch for metrics specific to mobile use, such as:

  • The use of mobile payment methods, codes, and coupons

  • Click-throughs from a mobile site to your regular site

  • Click-to-call rate

  • Behavioral differences between users of feature phones and smartphones or among users of different mobile phone models

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