Potential stains happen at awkward times and places. You can keep these tips in mind for removing stains wherever and whenever they happen – before they set in:

  • Keep it dry. Reach for the soft brush before the wet cloth. Never add water to dry powders. This is especially true for things dropped onto the carpet.

  • Keep it calm. There’s more time than you think before a wet spill turns into a set stain. In normal temperatures and situations, liquids give you more than a few seconds of thinking time.

  • Keep it white. Blot up spills using white cloths only.

  • Keep it cool. When you decide to try washing your wet stain away, always go to the cold tap unless you specifically know otherwise.

  • Keep it simple. Modern biological detergents are great and can shift practically everything. So don’t let what’s bound to be a temporary stain ruin your fun if you’re out and about.