After you start getting a bunch of e-mail messages, it’s easy to feel buried under a mountain of mail. Luckily, Outlook 2010 makes it easy to review incoming messages and deal with any attachments they may have.

To Do This . . . Do This . . .
View the Reading pane. Click the Reading Pane button on the View tab and choose Right or Bottom (to indicate the position on-screen) from the pop-up menu.
View a message in the Reading pane. Click the message header in the message list.
Display the contents of the next message in the list. Press the down arrow key.
Open a message in its own window. Double-click the message header.
View a conversation. Click the right arrow on left side of first message header to display e-mails in a conversation; click down arrow to collapse conversation again.
Preview an attachment. Click the attachment name, located at the top of the Reading pane or the open message window.
Open an attachment. Double-click the attachment.
Save an attachment. Click the attachment name at the top of the Reading pane/Message window, and then click the Save As button on the Attachments tab.
Search for e-mail. Type some text in the Search Inbox box and press Enter. Make additional selections to narrow your search by clicking buttons on the Search tab that appears.
Clear a search.
Click the Close Search button on the Search tab.