You access your address book by tapping the Phone icon on the Home screen of your iPhone. Some of the things you can do with contacts in the Phone application include the following:

  • Create a new contact: Tap Contacts at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the + icon in the upper right. Enter the contact information, and then tap Done.

  • See contact info from the Favorites, Recents, or Voicemail screen: Tap the little i-in-a-circle next to the message. The contact's information appears. Tap the contact's phone number or email address to contact the person by phone or email, respectively.

  • Add a caller to your contacts: Tap Recents or Voicemail, and then tap the little i-in-a-circle next to the person's number. Tap Create New Contact, enter the contact information, and then tap Done.

  • Add a contact after dialing a number with the keypad: Enter the number on the numeric keypad, and then tap + Add to Contacts just below where the number is displayed. Then either tap Create New Contact and enter the contact information, or tap Add to Existing Contact and select a contact. After you're finished, tap Done.

  • Use the extremely helpful but semihidden Send Message, Share Contact, and Add to Favorites buttons: This trio of useful buttons appears on each contact's Info screen at the very bottom; if you don't see them, just scroll down a bit and you will.