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Manage Your Lion Server from Your iOS Device

Who needs a notebook when you have an iPad or iPhone? A growing number of apps lets you manage and monitor Lion Server from an iPad or iPhone. Here’s just a sampling, which you can buy at the App Store in iTunes and from your iOS device:

  • Server Admin Remoteis not from Apple, but it can be more convenient to use than Server Admin on a Mac for certain tasks. You can start and stop services, monitor the running status of services, and view server logs. You can also check on server CPU usage and network traffic. It works over EDGE, Wi-Fi, and 3G connections.

  • iTeleport, from the company of the same name, lets you remotely view and control Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs, including Lion Server; just enable sharing on the computer. iTeleport lets you use Apple’s server tools running on a Mac. iTeleport has great use of iOS gestures and a smooth typing implementation. The zoom also works well.

  • iNag Nagios Viewer is an iOS interface to the open source Nagios network monitoring system, described in the next section. iNag lets you monitor multiple servers through Nagious and issue commands to Nagios. You can’t do everything that you can from a computer, but some prefer iNag to Nagio’s native web interface. If you’re using Nagios, John Fullington’s iNag is a must.

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