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Making Friends Using Portuguese

Part of the Portuguese For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Knowing the right questions to ask in Portuguese goes a long way toward helping you make friends in Brazil and beginning a conversation with a Brazilian business associate or neighbor. Here are some common questions you can use when meeting someone new:

  • Qual é seu nome? (kwah-ooh eh seh-ooh noh-mee?) (What’s your name?)

  • De onde você é? (jee ohn-jee voh-seh eh?) (Where are you from?)

  • Fala inglês? (fah-lah eeng-glehz?) (Do you speak English?)

  • Qual é o seu e-mail? (kwah-ooh eh ooh seh-ooh ee-may-oh?) (What’s your e-mail address?)

  • O que você gosta de fazer? (ooh kee voh-seh goh-stah jee fah-zeh?) (What do you like to do?)

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