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The iPad’s large display may tempt you to consider a design for your iOS 6 app that would look good on a laptop. But you shouldn't forget the first rule of iPhone design: Make its content and functions relevant to the moment.

The iPad, like the iPhone, adds mobility to the party. This ability to run apps wherever you are and whenever you want makes it possible to have the information you need (as well as the tools you’d like to use) constantly available.

But it’s not just about the fact that the app you need is ready to run right there on your iPhone or iPad; it’s (as importantly) about how the app is designed and implemented. It needs to require as little as possible from the user in terms of effort when it comes to delivering results.

An iOS app can present information relevant to where you are, what time it is, what your next activity might be, and how you’re holding the device (in Portrait or Landscape orientation, tilting and shaking it, and so on).

The iOS platform offers a strong foundation for pinpointing the device’s current location on a map, controlling views, managing data, playing multimedia content, switching display orientations, and processing gestures. Because the iOS platform can do all that, an app can know your current location, the hotels or campgrounds you’re going to stay at, and the sites you’re planning to visit.

It can even show videos and play the music of the stars all at the same time. While searching maps and brochures, you can know at a glance where you are, how to get to your destination, and what the weather’s like so that you know what to wear.

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