The last thing you want on your hands are unsatisfied guests in your restaurant. Remember these top tips for spotting and dealing with diners who may have a problem:

  • Human periscopes: Look for people looking up and around and then back down. Typically, people do this because they don’t have something they need.

  • Leaving food on the plate: Maybe the customer plans to box it up to go home, but confirm this. You want empty plates going back to the dish area.

  • Waiting on a refill: People like full glasses of drink, especially nonalcoholic drinks, so replenish the water, pop, and iced tea regularly.

  • Watch gazing: Customers who keep looking at their watches may not be wondering where their food is, but investigate the situation anyway.

  • Waving and snapping: If you see any of these gestures, it’s not good. Try to get to the customer quickly and sort the problem before they leave.

  • Safe orders: If customers order chicken in your seafood restaurant, they may be afraid of the menu and simply need some educating. Don’t let them miss what you do best.