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With the most recent Kindle Fire operating system, Fire OS 3.0, X-Ray capabilities have been expanded to include Music. X-Ray is a feature that can display information about artists and with music, even song lyrics, as you play content.

Not all music is X-Ray enabled, but if you do own an enabled piece of music, here’s how X-Ray works:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Music.

  2. Locate and tap a song to play it.

  3. Tap the orange X-Ray Lyrics button, shown in the first figure below.

    The lyrics appear underneath the album image.

  4. Tap the X-Ray Lyrics button again and the lyrics appear full screen over the album picture (see the second figure below).

    You can tap X-Ray Lyrics again to reduce the display of lyrics or tap it twice to remove them from the screen.

  5. Tap the artist’s name with an encircled “i" next to it (just above the progress bar).

    Information about the artist is displayed.

    X-Ray-enabled selections will have an X-Ray Lyrics option.
    X-Ray-enabled selections will have an X-Ray Lyrics option.
    Scrolling lyrics help you sing along.
    Scrolling lyrics help you sing along.
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