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Keyboard Shortcuts for Moving within an Excel 2003 Worksheet

Part of the Excel 2003 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You’re moving cell-by-cell through an Excel 2003 worksheet, thinking "I wish there was a shortcut." Your wish is granted! Excel 2003 keyboard shortcuts make quick work of your spreadsheet.

Press To
An arrow key Move cell pointer one cell in direction of arrow key
Ctrl+arrow key Move to the edge of the current data region (data range bounded by empty cells or worksheet borders) in the direction of arrow key
Home Move to the beginning of current row
Ctrl+Home Move to cell pointer to first cell (A1)
Ctrl+End -Move cell pointer to last cell in the active area (cell in last occupied column and row)
Page Down Move cell pointer down one screen
Page Up Move cell pointer up one screen
Alt+Page Down Move cell pointer one screen to the right
Alt+Page Up Move cell pointer one screen to the left
Tab Move the cell pointer to next unlocked cell in a protected worksheet
Shift+Tab Move the cell pointer to previous unlocked cell in a protected worksheet
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