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Joomla Banner Manager: The Categories, Clients, and Tracks Tabs

When you first access the Banner Manager in Joomla, the Banners tab is the one you see. But there are other tabs on the left of the screen just below Banner Manager:Banners heading. These other tabs — Categories, Clients, and Tracks — can help you to manage your banners.


Categories tab in Joomla Banner Manager

Category Manager: Banners is responsible for organizing your existing banner categories and also allows you to create new ones. Category Manager: Banners can be reached by choosing Components→Banners from any back-end page, and then clicking on the page’s Categories tab.

Provided you chose to include sample content as part of your Joomla installation, your Category Manager: Banners comes with two categories: Sample Data Banners and Uncategorized.


To add a new category to file your banner advertisements under, click the New button located near the top of the Category Manager: Banners page. You must select a category for any new banners you add to your site.

Banner Manager Clients tab

If you intend to sell banner advertising space to other websites, businesses, or services, you’re going to love the Banner Manager: Clients Page. Banner Manager: Clients can be reached by clicking Components→Banners from any back-end page, and then clicking the Clients tab. By default, Banner Manager: Clients comes populated with one client contact — Joomla. Clicking on the client’s name opens that client’s Banner Manager: Edit Client page.


The Banner Manager: Edit Client page allows you to keep track of a number of pieces of useful information about your banner clients, such as their Client Name, Contact Name, and Contact Email.

You can also set how the client purchased their banner space from you — Unlimited, Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, or Daily — as well as whether or not you want to track the number of times a specific client’s banner ads have been viewed or clicked upon, using Track Impressions and Track Clicks respectively.

To add a new client entry to your roster, click the New button located near the top of the Banner Manager: Clients page.

Tracks tab in Joomla Banner Manager

If you decide that you want to keep track of how many times your Joomla site’s banner advertisements are viewed or clicked by your site’s visitors, you’re going to love the Banner Manager: Tracks page, which can be reached by clicking Components→Banners from any back-end page, and then clicking the Tracks tab.

Banner Manager: Tracks offers few options, as the bulk of what the page keeps tabs on is set on other Banner Manager pages. However, for every banner advertisement that you opt to track the views or visitor clicks of, you’ll be rewarded with an entry on the page detailing that banner’s statistics.

You can sort those statistics using a date range, which client the banners belong to, and what category the banners fall under. Better still, you can export your results and provide a copy to your clients so that they can see what sort of traffic their advertisements on your site are generating.

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