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An affiliate network is somewhat similar to an ad network. Almost all large e-commerce sites work with an affiliate network. Affiliate networks provide the online software to track all the traffic and sales for both the merchants and the publishers. They then earn a percentage of the sale on top of what e-commerce merchants pay to affiliates.

All reputable affiliate networks are free to join as a publisher — you should never pay for the opportunity to help someone sell products. Two notable large online retailers also run their own independent affiliate programs: Amazon and eBay.

The three largest affiliate networks are

These three affiliate networks represent many large online retailers such as,,, and, as well as thousands of small online retailers.

Out of the three largest affiliate networks, Commission Junction is the easiest to use. Join all three for the most access to a variety of merchants. Also join Amazon’s affiliate program, which is one of the most respected affiliate programs in the industry. The application process to join the networks or Amazon program is similar across the board.

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