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iPhone 5 For Seniors For Dummies

The iPhone 5 is cool and perfect for many seniors because it provides a very simple, intuitive interface for making and receiving phone calls and doing things like checking e-mail and playing music. With the easy-to-use tables in this guide, you can get up to speed with various iPhone settings. In no time, you’ll start mastering the skills you need to become a confident iPhone user.

What You Can Do with iPhone 5 General Settings

Use iPhone’s General settings to set up basic functionality for your everyday use. You access the General settings in the following table by tapping the Settings app icon on the Home screen and then tapping General.

Setting Description
About Shows information about downloaded content, apps, memory, iPhone serial number and model, and your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth addresses, plus support, and legal and regulatory jargon.
Software Update Use this setting to check for available updates to iOS via iCloud.
Usage Check the items that are backed up to iCloud and buy additional storage. Also turn on the display in the status bar for indicating the percentage of your battery power available.
Siri Turn the Siri personal assistant feature on or off, set the language to be used, and chose to have Voice Feedback and Raise to Speak settings on or off.
Cellular Choose to turn cellular data off so you only download data via available Wi-Fi. Turn LTE on or off, choose Roaming options, activate your Personal Hotspot, and choose which apps to use cellular data from.
VPN Configure and turn on and off virtual private networks (VPN).
iTunes Wi-Fi Sync Sync wirelessly with the copy of iTunes on a nearby computer when connected to a Wi-Fi network.
Spotlight Search Access settings for what types of content the iPhone search feature returns in search results.
Auto-Lock Set the amount of time for inactivity at which iPhone automatically locks the screen.
Passcode Lock Set a passcode and turn the feature on to require a passcode to unlock iPhone. Set iPhone to erase all data after ten failed attempts to enter the correct passcode.
Restrictions Set restrictions on Safariand iTunes, as well as restrict installation of applications and location services. Specify allowed content for music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, and apps.
Date & Time Choose 24-hour time and a time zone and set the correct date and time.
Keyboard Set keyboard correction features such as Auto-Capitalization and Check Spelling.
International Specify the language for onscreen information and keyboards. Choose a region format for date, time, and phone numbers.
Accessibility Set features for using an iPhone for people with visual, hearing, or dexterity challenges.
Reset Reset all settings or selected settings, such as network or keyboard, to factory defaults.

iPhone 5 Mail, Contacts, Calendars Settings

For the social and organizational parts of your brain, iPhone makes available Mail, Contacts, and Calendar apps; the settings for these apps are covered in the following table. You access the settings listed here by tapping the Settings app icon on the Home screen and then tapping Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Setting Description
iCloud Choose to sync mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, bookmarks, notes, photos, and documents and data from an e-mail account wirelessly using iCloud. Set up the Find My iPhone service.
Add Account Add and manage e-mail accounts.
Fetch New Data Turn on/off the feature that pushes new e-mails and contacts and calendar info for Microsoft Exchange and iCloud accounts to you automatically.
Show Set how many recent messages to show in Mail.
Preview Set how many lines in e-mail messages are to show in the Inbox preview.
Show To/Cc Label Turn display of the To/Cc label on or off in e-mails.
Ask Before Deleting Turn on to display a confirmation dialog before deleting e-mails.
Load Remote Images Control whether images on websites that are referenced I emails are displayed in the emails; displaying such images can allow a site to gather some information about you and your iPhone.
Organize by Thread Turn on a feature to organize replies to e-mail messages to and from anyone so those messages appear together in a sub-folder.
Always Bcc Myself Turn on to send a copy of every e-mail to yourself. (This is in addition to saving a copy in the Sent folder.)
Increase Quote Level Add one level of indentation to text when you reply to a message.
Signature Change the signature at the end of all your messages. (Sent from my iPhone is the default message.)
Sort Order Specify the sort order for contacts (first/last or last/first names).
Display Order Specify the display order for contacts (first/last or last/first).
My Info Access a list of contacts to choose one to base your info on.
Default Account Specify which account is to be used by apps when working with Contacts.
Import SIM Contacts Imports contacts saved to your phone’s SIM card to the Contacts app.
New Invitation Alerts Turn on alerts when you get a new invitation in Mail.
Time Zone Support Turn on time zone support to show event data and times in your time zone; set your time zone.
Sync Control how far back in time events are synced when you perform a sync with iTunes via a calbe or Wi-Fi.
Default Alert Times Set up the default time increment for alerts (such as on the day, 1 day before, and so on) before a birthday, event, or all-day event.
Default Calendar Choose whether to use the built-in Calendar program or a calendar from a synced program such as Gmail or AOL.
Shared Calendar Alerts Turn on to have iPhone notify you when events shared between two or more calendars are modified or deleted.
Default List Specifies where reminders that you create outside of a particular list will be saved.

Customizing Browser Settings with Your iPhone 5 and Safari

Getting on the Internet with your iPhone is easy using its Wi-Fi or 3G/4G LTE capabilities. Once you’re online, the bundled browser, Safari, is your ticket to a wide world of information, entertainment, education, and more. You can customize and enhance your Safari experience by accessing and modifying the settings in the following table; simply tap the Settings app icon on the Home screen and then tap Safari.

Setting Description
Search Engine Choose among Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search engines.
AutoFill Turn on AutoFill to automatically complete contact information, names, or passwords as you type.
Open Links Control whether linked pages open in a new page or in the background.
Private Browsing Turn the Private Browsing feature, which prevents Safari from storing information about your browsing activities, on or off.
Accept Cookies Specify whether to accept cookies only from sites you’ve visited, never, or always.
Clear History Tap to clear the history of websites you’ve visited in the browser.
Clear Cookies and Data Clear any website cookies and data that have been stored on your iPhone.
Use Cellular Data Turn on to allow your cellular network to save items on the Reading List to the phone so you can read them offline.
Fraud Warning Turn on the feature to warn you when you go to suspicious websites.
JavaScript Turn this on to enable JavaScript-based features such as rollover and pop-up menus and some other browser-generated content to run in Safari.
Block Pop-Ups Turn this on to block (most) pop-up windows from displaying in the browser.
Advanced Review data stored on your device by individual websites and allow Debug Console to display information to help you resolve errors when displaying web pages.

Cool Free (or Almost Free) Apps for Your iPhone 5

You'd be amazed at the apps available for your iPhone. You can download any of these fun, free apps through the App Store to get you going with your iPhone:

  • Reading/Drawing/Photos

    • Magic Drawing Pad for iPhone

    • Short Stories eReader

    • iBooks

    • Stanza

    • Bluefire

    • Bookmark

    • Instagram Photo & Video

  • Music and Video

    • TuneIn Radio

    • Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD

    • Pandora Radio

    • HBO GO

    • djay for iPhone (99 cents)

  • Games

    • Jump Out!

    • Solitaire Classic

    • Hit Tennis 2

    • Poker Free HD

    • Sudoku Loaded Free

    • Just Guess It! Lite

    • Zombieville USA 2 (99 cents)

  • Reference and News

    • IMDb (movie listings)


    • Yellow Pages

    • FreeSaurus

    • CNN App for iPhone

    • Prismatic: Always Interesting (newsfeed)

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