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Multitasking on your iPhone 4S lets you easily switch from one app to another without closing the first one and returning to the Home screen. There also are some gestures you can use with four or five fingers to multitask.

  1. First, open an app.

  2. Double-tap the Home button.

  3. On the horizontal bar that appears beneath the Dock at the bottom of the screen, flick to scroll to the left or right to locate another app you want to display.

  4. Tap the app to open it.

Swiping left to right on the multitasking bar displays the controls for volume and playback, as well as a button that locks and unlocks screen rotation.

As mentioned, multitasking involves jumping from one app to another, and you can make some gestures with four or five fingers to help you multitask. Here are the three gestures you can make:

  • Swipe up with four or five fingers on any Home screen to reveal the multitasking bar.

  • Swipe down with four or five fingers to remove the multitasking bar from the Home screen.

  • With an app open, swipe left or right using four or five fingers and you move to another app.

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