To use the Siri feature on your iPad mini, press and hold the Home button until you see this on the screen: "What can I help you with?" Release the button, and Siri is ready to answer your question. Ask Siri questions or make Siri open iOS 7 apps for you. Siri can do things on your iPad mini that you might not even expect, like make appointments or set reminders.

Here are just a sampling of questions to ask Siri:

  • Get weather info:

    What's the weather today?

    How's the weather this week?

    What will the temperature be in Boca Raton tomorrow?

  • Open apps:

    Play Infinity Blade III.

    Launch Photos.

    Open Red Laser app.

  • Find information:

    What did the NASDAQ close at today?

    Who won the Cubs game today?

    How many feet are in a kilometer?

    What time is it in Tokyo?

    What movies are playing nearby?

  • Miscellaneous:

    Remind me to call Mom when I get home.

    Schedule dinner with Lisa Monday night at 7.

    Do I have any appointments tomorrow?

    Play music by the Beatles.

    Find good pizza nearby.

    Enable Wi-Fi.

    Set an alarm for 6:30AM tomorrow.

    Find pictures of Vizsla puppies.