For the social and organizational parts of your brain, iPad makes available Mail, Contacts, and Calendar apps. You access the settings listed here by tapping the Settings app icon on the Home screen and then tapping Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Setting Description
Add Account Add and manage e-mail accounts.
Fetch New Data Turn on/off the feature to push new e-mails and contacts and calendar info for Microsoft Exchange and iCloud accounts to you automatically.
Preview Set how many lines in e-mail messages are to show in the Inbox preview.
Show To/Cc Label Turn display of To/Cc label on or off in e-mails.
Swipe Options Set up what Swipe Left and Swipe Right do in a list of emails; by default swiping left flags an email and swiping right marks an email as read.
Flag Style Set up whether a flagged email changes the color of the circle to the left of it, or changes the shape to a small flag symbol.
Ask Before Deleting Turn on to display a confirmation dialog before deleting e-mails.
Load Remote Images Control whether images on websites are displayed; displaying such images can allow a site to gather some information about you and your iPad.
Organize by Thread Turn on a feature to organize e-mail messages among the same group of correspondents so those messages appear together in a subfolder.
Always Bcc Myself Turn on to send a copy of every e-mail to yourself. (This is in addition to saving a copy in the Sent folder.)
Mark Addresses Specify to mark addresses that don’t end with a certain extension such as .com and .gov.
Increase Quote Level Turn on to automatically indent text when forwarding or reply to a message in Mail.
Signature Change the signature at the end of all your messages. (“Sent from my iPad” is the default message.)
Default Account Specify which account other apps use by default when you share data from them via e-mail.
Sort Order Specify sort order for contacts (first/last or last/first names).
Display Order Specify display order for contacts (first/last or last/first).
Short Name Turn on Short Name to allow the Mail app to fit more names on screen.
My Info Associate your iPad with a specific contact.
Default Account Choose which email account is your default account when you open Mail.
Contacts Found in Mail Turn this setting off to have apps stop suggesting that a person’s name in an email be added to Contacts.
Time Zone Override Turn on Time Zone Support to show event data and times in your time zone; set your time zone.
Alternate Calendars Turn on and choose a Chinese, Hebrew, or Islamic calendar.
Week Numbers Turn on to view week numbers in the Calendar app.
Show Invitee Declines Turn On to show invitations that have been declined.
Sync Control how far back events are synced via iCloud or when you connect to your computer and iTunes.
Default Alert Times Set up how far ahead you should be alerted for various events such as birthdays and all-day events.
Start Week On Choose which day of the week your week should begin on in Calendar.
Default Calendar Choose whether to use the preinstalled Calendar program or a calendar synced from your computer, managed in iCloud, or synced from a service such as Gmail or AOL.
Events Found in Mail Turn this off to stop having unconfirmed events mentioned in emails from being added to your Calendar.
New Invitation Alerts Turn on alerts when you get a new invitation in Mail.
Shared Calendar Alerts Enables alerts from various calendars you’re sharing with the Calendar app.