Risk is necessary for investment success and knowing how to manage risk when investing precious metals is something that you can profit from. Try these proven strategies when investing:

  • Buy the dips. If you bought what you think is a great stock and its price drops, if possible buy some more. If your research and logic tell you it’s still a solid investment, buy some more. Ultimately time will pass and the odds are good that will rise, and you'll profit from having bought more.

  • Keep cash on the sidelines. Have some money sitting somewhere safe, liquid, and earning interest waiting for an opportunity. If you have a chunk of cash you're reading to invest, don't plunge it in all at once. Invest half now and stagger the rest in over a few weeks or a few months.

  • Utilize stop-loss orders. The most commonly used tool for keeping your portfolio’s value intact is the stop-loss order.

  • Utilize put options. Put options are a great way to protect your investment during corrections or bear markets.