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Innovate CV Can Innovate Your Video Résumé

Innovate CV is an online, multimedia, résumé-building tool that’s a great alternative to VisualCV. You can use Innovate CV to make your video résumé stand out to perspective hiring managers. The purpose of Innovate CV is similar to VisualCV, but some considerable differences do exist between the two, such as the following:

  • You can import your LinkedIn profile directly into your Innovate CV résumé. This feature saves a lot of time when building your profile.

  • You have more design options that are cleaner and simpler than VisualCV.

  • You can upload video directly into your CV rather than just linking to a YouTube video.

  • Innovate CV offers many educational videos to help with writing your résumé and making it interactive.

  • Innovate CV comes with a powerful Facebook application so you can leverage your personal network to share your résumé.

    A sample résumé created in Innovate CV.
    A sample résumé created in Innovate CV.

Consider creating both a VisualCV résumé and an Innovate CV résumé to increase your chances of getting found by the right hiring manager.

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