When you attach to the Internet, building a TCP/IP toolkit will help you troubleshoot if you run into network problems. Windows Server 2003 includes a collection of utilities to help you perform some useful functions. The Help String column in the following table shows how to get online help for syntax details on each command.

Name Help String Function
ARP arp /h Displays and modifies the address translation table maintained by the TCP/IP Address Resolution Protocol
IPCONFIG ipconfig /? Displays all current TCP/IP network configuration data
NETSTART netstart /? Displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP network connections
NSLOOKUP Nslookup Displays information about known DNS servers
PING Ping Verifies connections to local or remote computers (Ping stands for Packet InterNet Groper, an excellent IP troubleshooting tool)
ROUTE Route Displays and manipulates network routing tables
TRACERT Tracert Displays the route from your machine to a specified destination