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iLife ’11: How to Export iPhoto Pictures to a Hard Drive

When you export a picture from iPhoto to a file on your hard drive, you can save the picture in its original file format with no loss in quality (and no compression); in another file format such as JPEG, TIFF, or PNG; or with adjustments you made to the picture. iLife can also save images and photos in full, large, medium, or small sizes or even a custom size.

To export pictures to files on your hard drive, follow these steps:

  1. Browse your library and select one or more thumbnails of pictures to export.

  2. Choose File→Export.

  3. Click the File Export tab (the leftmost tab).

  4. Choose the appropriate file format from the Kind pop-up menu.

    The Kind pop-up menu lets you pick from these formats:

    *Original: The original format for the photo (used by the digital camera — typically JPEG but can be another format), before any improvements were made.

    *Current: The original format for the photo after any improvements were made (such as cropping or color adjustments).

    *JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), the standard image format for Web pages. Use this choice to ensure that the photo is in a standard version of JPEG (if your digital camera’s Original format is specialized).

    *TIFF: Tagged Image File Format, the standard format for desktop publishing software.

    *PNG: Portable Network Graphics (PNG-24) format, a lossless alternative to JPEG.

  5. If you select JPEG, choose its quality from the JPEG Quality pop-up menu.

  6. Include titles, keywords, and location information.

  7. Specify the image size.

  8. Specify how to create the filename.

    The File Name pop-up menu lets you choose from these options:

    *Use Title: Use the picture’s title.

    *Use Filename: Enter a filename when saving.

    *Sequential (and then enter the prefix to use before the number): Specify a sequentially numbered filename with a text prefix.

    *Album Name with Number: Use the photo album name with a sequentially numbered suffix.

  9. Click the Export button and choose a folder for saving the file.

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