Identifying the F-family Chords on Your Ukulele

The F chord family only has one tricky chord shape — B♭ — in the very common IV position. So playing your ukulele using chords from the F family is a little trickier than playing from the G family, but don’t worry — it’s still very manageable.

When tackling songs which use the E family (which doesn’t suit the ukulele well at all), ukulele players commonly change them to the F family by moving every chord up one fret. That means the progression sounds the same (since the distances between the chords stay the same) but is much easier to play.

The F chord family contains a C7 chord, which is very easy; you just play the A-string at the first fret and all the other strings open. The whole family of chords is here:

Diagrams of the F chord family.
Diagrams of the F chord family.

The D minor chord family uses exactly the same chords as the F family.

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