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Identifying the A-family Chords on Your Ukulele

In playing chords in the A family on your ukulele, you use the everyday A, Bm, D, and E7 chords. And, in addition to those chords, you use the slightly trickier C♯m and F♯m chords:

  • C♯m uses the Am moveable shape (familiar from Bm) moved up so that you’re barring across the fourth fret. The four at the top-right corner in the chord diagram indicates that, rather than starting at the nut, the diagram starts at the fourth fret.

  • F♯m is just the A chord with the E-string played at the second fret with your ring finger.

    Diagrams of the A chord family.
    Diagrams of the A chord family.

The A family of chords works particularly well for blues songs.

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