You can find mild greens (lettuces) in your local supermarket, and these greens can create mouthwatering lettuce salads. Typically crunchy and slightly sweet, here are the most popular mild greens:

  • Bibb (or limestone lettuce): Tender, rippled leaves form a small, compact head. Bibb has the mildness of Boston lettuce, but more crunch.

  • Boston: Buttery textured, this lettuce looks like a green rose. Mixes well with all varieties and stands well alone.

  • Iceberg: Considered the white bread of the salad world, common to salad bars and political banquets. Iceberg has more texture than flavor, and, if wrapped, can be used for foul-shot practice.

  • Loose-leaf lettuce: Also called red leaf or green leaf lettuce, depending on its color. Its long, curly leaves are buttery and almost sweet.

  • Red oak leaf lettuce: Named for the oak tree leaves it resembles, this green is sweet and colorful.

  • Romaine: The emperor green of Caesar salad, romaine has dark-green exterior leaves with a pale-yellow core. It mixes well with other greens.