Use ID3 tags to store information in your podcasting file — after all, it only makes sense to provide information about your podcast and yourself. The following list shows the information asked for in an ID3 tag. You can furnish some information or no information, but the more you share, the easier your fans can find you.

  • Name: The name or number of this particular podcasting episode. For example, Technorama Ep 204: The Data Compost Heap.

  • Artist: Your name or the name of your podcasting team. For example, Grant Baciocco and Doug Price, Grammar Girl, Scott Sigler.

  • Album: The name of your show or your show's Web site. For example,, Vobes, Gmail Podcast.

  • Track Number (optional): The sequential order of the podcast. For J.C. Hutchin's 7th Son and Tee's MOREVI podcast, the track numbers are chapters.

  • Year: The year the episode was produced.

  • Composer (optional): Your engineer's name or the originators of the material. For example, MOREVI's artist is listed as Tee Morris, but the composers are Tee Morris and Lisa Lee because the original work was cowritten.

  • Genre: Generally, a podcast is classified as Podcast, but be consistent whatever you choose.

  • Comments: A quick two or three lines of show notes for your podcasts. This is similar to comments you leave in your XML. It's a good idea to include your contact information here also.