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iBooks Author’s Object Keyboard Shortcuts

Part of the iBooks Author For Dummies Cheat Sheet

iBooks Author lets you easily work with objects by offering certain shortcuts for common tasks. These shortcuts allow you to control how objects are arranged, as well as how they look.

Object Controls
Action Shortcut Menu Sequence
Insert a file that you choose from the settings sheet that appears Shift+Apple command+V Insert→Choose
Open the masking (cropping) controls for a graphic Shift+Apple command+M Format→Image→Mask
Lock an item to its location in the layout Apple command+L Arrange→Lock
Unlock an item from its location in the layout Option+Apple command+L Arrange→Unlock
Group the selected items so they can be selected as and manipulated if they were one item Option+Apple command+G Arrange→Group
Separate a grouped object into its constituent objects Option+Shift+Apple command+G Arrange→Ungroup
Move the selected object to the front of the object stack (on top of the rest) Shift+Apple command+F Arrange→Bring to Front
Move the selected object one increment forward in the object stack Option+Shift+Apple command+F Arrange→Bring Forward
Move the selected object to the back of the object stack (behind the rest) Shift+Apple command+B Arrange→Send to Back
Move the selected object one increment backward in the object stack Option+Shift+Apple command+B Arrange→Send Backward
Enable the pen tool for drawing with the mouse or other pointer Option+Shift+Apple command+P Insert→Shape→Draw with Pen
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