When you’re formatting text and objects in iBooks Author, certain keyboard shortcuts make the job a snap. You can adjust style, text layout, and more with these iBooks Author shortcuts.

Formatting Controls
Action Shortcut Menu Sequence
Indent the text in one level Apple command+] Format→Text→Increase Indent Level
Outdent the text in one level Apple command+[ Format→Text→Decrease indent Level
Copy the graphics attributes for applying to another graphic Option+Apple command+C Format→Copy Graphic Style
Copy the character style attributes for applying to another text selection Option+Shift+Apple command+C Format→Copy Character Style
Apply the copied graphics or character attributes to the current graphic or text, respectively Option+Apple command+V Format→Paste Style
Paste text and apply the default formatting Option+Shift+Apple command+V Edit→Paste and Match Style
Paste text and apply the formatting of the surrounding text Option+Shift+Apple command+V Edit→Paste and Retain Style
Define the selection as placeholder text Control+Option+Apple command+T Format→Advanced→Define as Placeholder Text
Define the selected object’s attributes as placeholder objects Control+Option+Apple command+I Format→Advanced→Define as Media Placeholder