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Sometimes you love or hate an iPad mini app so much that you want to tell the world about it. In that case, you should write a review. You can do this in two ways: in iTunes on your computer or directly from your iPad mini.

To write a review using iTunes on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the detail page for the app in the iTunes App Store.

  2. Click the Ratings and Reviews tab and then click the Write a Review button.

    You may or may not have to type your iTunes Store password.

  3. Click the button for the star rating (1 to 5) you want to give the app.

  4. In the Title field, type a title for your review, and in the Review field, type your review.

  5. Click the Submit button when you're finished.

    The Preview screen appears. If the review looks good to you, you're done. If you want to change something, click the Edit button.

To write a review from your iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the App Store icon to launch the App Store.

  2. Navigate to the detail screen for the app.

  3. Scroll down the page and tap the Write a Review link.

    You probably have to type your iTunes Store password.

  4. Tap one to five of the stars at the top of the Write a Review screen to rate the app.

  5. In the Title field, type a title for your review, and in the Review field, type your review.

  6. Tap the Submit button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Whichever way you submit your review, Apple reviews your submission. As long as the review doesn't violate the (unpublished) rules of conduct for app reviews, it appears in a day or two in the App Store, in the Reviews section for the particular app.

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