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How to View Photos on Your Surface

The Photos app on your Microsoft Surface, just like the People app, makes the rounds of your social networks, picking up any photos it can find. Open the Photos app with a tap of its Start screen tile, and the results appear, as shown in this figure.


The Photos app shows a different tile for each place your photos reside. In this figure, for example, the first tile contains photos in your Surface’s own Pictures library. (The other tiles require an Internet connection for access.)

Follow these steps to view your photos:

  1. Tap the storage area you want to open.

    To view photos stored directly on your Surface, including ones shot with your Surface’s camera, tap Pictures Library. If you have Internet access, tap the other tiles to view photos stored online.

  2. Browse the folders.

    Tap the Pictures library tile, for example, and the screen shows tiles representing each folder inside that library. Tap a folder to open it.

    To back out of a folder, press the backward-pointing arrow in the top-left corner. Keep pressing the arrow, and you’ll eventually return to the Photos app opening menu.

  3. Tap a photo to view it full screen.

    When the photo fills the screen, zoom in or out by pinching or stretching the photo between your fingers. To see its menus, shown in this figure, slide your finger up from the screen’s bottom.


Depending on whether you’re viewing a single photo, a folder’s worth of photos, or several folders, the App bar sprouts different buttons:

  • Back Arrow: A tap of the back arrow in the upper-right corner returns you to the folder containing the currently viewed app.

  • Set As: This brings up a pop-up menu, letting you turn your currently viewed photo into the background for your Surface’s Lock Screen, the background for the Pictures app, or the Picture app’s tile.

  • View on Web: Seen only when viewing photos stored online, this takes you to the photo’s location on Facebook, Flickr, SkyDrive, or another elsewhere.

  • Slide Show: A tap of this button launches a slideshow of every photo in the currently viewed folder. To stop the show, tap a photo.

  • Select All: This selects all the currently shown photos for later action, including Delete, Share, or Print. (If tapped by mistake, tap Clear Selection to return the selected items to normal.)

  • Browse by Date: Seen when viewing folders, this lets you view your photos in chronological order, handy when showing a timeline of your vacation photos.


Tap the Import button to import photos from an attached camera or your memory card.

When displaying a single photo full-screen, the app bar offers buttons for letting you rotate and crop the image, handy for making profile photos out of group shots.

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