If you select the Ask Friends to Verify You option, a screen listing all your Facebook Friends appears, and you can select who gets a request to verify that you own your blog. After you select the Friends who will verify the ownership of your blog, you’re done.

If you choose the widget to verify ownership, you just need to install this widget until the NetworkedBlogs application verifies that you put the widget on your blog; then you can remove it. You may choose to keep the widget to promote that you’re part of NetworkedBlogs. If you keep the widget on your website, people can click the Follow This Blog button to follow your blog.


Choose Option 1 if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog or Tumblr or Blogger; choose Option 2 if you have your blog on WordPress.com, Drupal.com, or Posterous.com.

The code in Option 1 is for sites that allow JavaScript; the code in Option 2 is for sites (such as WordPress.com) that don’t allow JavaScript.


Highlight the code for the appropriate option, and copy it (by pressing Ctrl+C on a Windows PC or Command+C on a Mac).

You must have this code to move to the next step.


Click the blue Click Here for Instructions link (next to Paste the Code into Your Blog Template).

A new window appears, displaying instructions for different platforms.


Follow the instructions to install the code.

The instructions will take you step by step through the process.


Click the blue Verify Now button.

If you installed the widget correctly, you get a Verification Successful message. Your verification is complete. You can remove the NetworkedBlogs widget or badge, if you want.