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If you want to get your hands dirty with some behind-the-scenes stuff on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Task Manager is the app to open. This app lets you see what is going on with your phone, all the apps that are running and how much space they are taking up. This app lets you end apps that may be causing problems, or that you aren't using at the moment.

Task Manager is accessed from the Recent apps list; press and hold the Home button to see recent and running apps. Touch the icon in the lower left corner of the screen to run Task Manager.


The Task Manager window shows the phone's currently running apps. Tabs at the top of the Task Manager screen display information about downloaded apps, the phone's memory (RAM), and default apps. It's a nerd's paradise of trivial information and meaningless facts.

You can use Task Manager to kill off tasks that are hogging up too much CPU time or memory or that just bug the stuffing from your couch. You touch the End button to close an app or touch the End All button to snuff out all running apps.

You can also clear default apps by using Task Manager: Touch the Clear Defaults item to see a list of apps you've selected by touching the Always button on the Complete Action Using menu. Touch the Clear button by an app to remove its associations.

The Android operating system does an excellent job of managing apps. If resources are needed for another app, Android automatically closes any open apps as needed. There's no need to futz with Task Manager, unless you just enjoy messing with such a thing.

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