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How to Use Your Android Tablet as an Alarm Clock

Your Android tablet ships with an app that tells the time and also may double as an alarm clock. The app may be called Clock or Alarm, but either one does the same thing: Displays the time and wakes you up.

To employ the Clock or Alarm app as an alarm clock, you need to create and set an alarm. The method varies, depending on the app. Generally the steps work like this:

  1. Touch the Add Alarm icon.

    The Set Alarm screen appears.

  2. Fill in the information about the alarm.

    Set the alarm’s time, decide whether it repeats daily or only on certain days, choose a ringtone, set the vibration mode, and make any other settings.

  3. Touch the Label text box to give the alarm a name.

    The name you choose appears on the tablet’s screen when the alarm goes off, so be clever. For example, Wake up, Get to the airport, and Annoy my spouse are excellent examples of good, descriptive labels.

  4. Touch the OK or Done button to create the alarm.

    You’ll see your alarm in the list in the Alarms window.

  5. Ensure that a check mark appears next to the alarm; the check mark sets the alarm.

Alarms must be set or else they don’t trigger. How you set the alarm depends on the app: It can be set when it’s created or, more commonly, you place a check mark by the specific alarm when all the alarms are selected.

When the alarm goes off, you can touch the Dismiss button to tell the tablet, “Okay! I’m up!” Or you can touch the Snooze button to be annoyed again after a few minutes.

  • Your tablet keeps the clock accurate by using the Internet connection. You never have to set the time.

  • Information about a set alarm appears on the Clock app’s screen as well as the tablet’s lock screen.

  • When an alarm is set, an Alarm notification appears in the status area atop the screen. That notification is your clue that an alarm is set and ready to trigger.

  • Turning off an alarm doesn’t delete the alarm. To remove an alarm, long-press it and choose the Delete Alarm option from the menu. Touch the OK button to confirm.

  • The alarm doesn’t work when you turn off the Android tablet. However, the alarm does go off when the tablet is locked or sleeping.

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