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How to Use the Mac Snow Leopard’s Go Menu

The Finder in Mac OS X Snow Leopard has a Go menu that lets you jump immediately to specific spots within your own system, on your network, or on the Internet. The destinations that you can travel to using the Go menu and the iDisk submenu include the following:

Use the Go menu in Toolbar for instant access to all sorts of things.
Use the Go menu in Toolbar for instant access to all sorts of things.
  • Back/Forward/Enclosing Folder: Back and Forward operate just as they do in Safari or your favorite Web browser. If you’re currently inside a folder, you can return to the parent folder by clicking Enclosing Folder.

  • Computer: This window includes your hard drives, CD and DVD drives, and network — the same places that appear when you open a new Finder window with the Command+N shortcut.

  • Home: This window displays the home directory for the user currently logged in.

  • Desktop: This window displays the files and folders stored on your Leopard desktop.

  • Network: Did you guess that this displays a window with all your network’s servers? Dead giveaway, that.

  • iDisk: This window displays the contents of your Internet iDisk storage (or someone else’s).

  • Applications: This window includes all the applications that appear in your Mac OS X Applications folder (a neat Just the programs, ma’am arrangement that really comes in handy).

  • Documents: This window displays the contents of your Documents folder.

  • Utilities: This window displays the contents of your Mac OS X Utilities folder.

  • Recent Folders: This window displays a submenu that allows you to choose from among the folders that you’ve recently opened.

You can also type the path for a specific folder (use the Go to Folder command) or connect to a specific network server (use the Connect to Server command).

Note that most of the Go menu commands include keyboard shortcuts, proving once again that the fingers are quicker than the mouse.

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