A selection in the Library selector in the Library pane does the obvious for your iOS app: It selects a particular library of resources that you can then use in your project. Check out the many offerings.


The Library selector:

You can filter out what gets displayed in a selected library by entering your Search text into the text field in the Filter bar at the bottom of the Library pane.


File templates:

Click here to find templates for the common types of files you create using the New File menu. To add a file of that type to your project, simply drag it from the File Templates library to the Project navigator.


Code snippets:

Need just a smidgeon of code? Click here to find short pieces of source code you can then use in your application. Just drag the bit you found directly into your source code file.



This library consists of interface objects you can use as part of your user interface. To add one to a particular view, drag it directly into your storyboard or nib file in Interface Builder.


Media files:

Here's where you'll find graphics, icons, and sound files. To use one, drag it directly to your storyboard or nib file in Interface Builder.