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The Notification Center on the iPad drops down over whatever you’re doing at the time so that you can easily see calendar entries, reminders, and new e-mail messages.


The Notification Center works regardless of which app you’re using. To summon the Notification Center to the forefront of your iPad screen, all you need is the magical incantation — that is, a swipe from the top of the screen downward.

iOS 5 also introduced an alternative style, known as the banner, shown from the Lock screen in this figure. Slide your finger on one to open it.


Here’s what you need to know about navigating the Notification Center on your iPad:

  • To close the Notification Center, either drag the three little gray lines (at the bottom of the list) upward or tap anywhere outside the list.

  • To open a notification, tap it and it will open in the appropriate program.

  • To clear all notifications from a particular app, tap the little x in a circle to the right of the app’s name (look at Calendar and Reminders in the figure). Tapping the x turns it into a Clear button (look at Mail in the figure).

    Tap the Clear button and all the notifications from that app are cleared. The app’s name then disappears from the Notification Center, but it’ll reappear if and when the app needs to notify you.

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