When you’re outdoors, you may find yourself squinting with Google Glass because the light is too bright. Not to worry. Google includes a sunglass shade with every Glass.

You can get two types of eye protection for your Glass. The first type is a clear shield that protects your eyes, akin to safety goggles (but much more stylish and comfortable). You can also use a sunglass shade, which helps block sunlight and protects your eyes on a bright, sunny day. Both clear and sunglass shields come with Glass.

Google partnered with Maui Jim and Zeal Optics to put both a sunglass shade and a clear shield inside the box your Glass came in. Here’s how to attach either one:


Align the shade.

Align the shade outward so that it wraps around the front of your frame.


Tilt the shade.

Tilt the shade so that the black cushion along the top of the shade’s nose bridge slides over the nose stems.


Position the shade along the top of the frame.

Slide the shade into place (shade outside the nose stems and black cushion inside the nose stems).


When the shield is firmly positioned and flush with the top of the Glass frame, you’re ready to go outside.

If you want a clear shield to protect your eyes from the elements, you can find one (and other Glass accessories) online. If you don’t see the desired accessory, check back in a few days.